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Pass The Hash (No Really Don’t)

I attended TechEd 2014 back in May of this year and there was one session that I wanted to share called “TWC: Pass-the-Hash and Credential Theft Mitigation Architectures”. The part from the session that I wanted to focus on was regarding administrative privileges. Credential theft has become a serious problem in today’s world where everyone […]

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VMware Update Manager downloads fail for Windows Updates

Update: VMware has published a KB article related to this issue.  It is available at http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2018897. Several months ago, our VMware Update Manager simply stopped updating from its Shavlik repository.  It seemed to only affect Windows patches being downloaded and the VMware patches continued without any issues.  After a few months of troubleshooting with VMware support, a […]

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SafeCopy: My answer to the Mozy changes?

I got a comment on my recent Mozy post which offered SafeCopy as an alternative to Mozy.  When my current subscription to Mozy ends, I’m certainly in the market for a more favorable solution to meet my needs.  Mozy’s new plans, in my opinion,  do not offer enough space for the price they charge and […]

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IP to the TV: a random collection of thoughts

Its a very interesting time for the ole’ television.  For the majority of my life, and probably the lives of many older than me, TV has not changed much.  Sure, there was that big transition from black and white to color, but since then, TV has been largely the same.  In recent years, a big […]

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Did Apple lose its chance to capitalize on Vista?

I read a Digg for an article over at macworld.com entitled Apple has squandered the gift that was Vista.  I’m not sure I agree with the author’s perspective.  In fact, I think what Apple did might have been a very smart play.  After reading the piece, the author’s view seems to be that because Apple […]

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Updated Windows 7 install notes for MacBook Pro owners

In the process of installing the Windows 7 beta, I have come across a few things that don’t quite work well out of the box on my MacBook Pro.  Here are some notes from my experiences that may help someone else: Partitioned the drive using Boot Camp Assistant.  Install takes up about 9GB, so you’ll […]

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Windows 7 Beta update – its installed

I had much better luck today getting a installation key and copy of the Windows 7 Beta from Microsoft.  I have just installed it in a BootCamp partition on my MacBook Pro and so far, I’m impressed.  I decided to put it into BootCamp to get real performance metrics since VMware Fusion would have a […]

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Microsoft take down Windows beta download, adding servers

I just checked in again for the first time since about 6:00 on the Windows 7 Beta download – got this message from Microsoft: Thanks for your interest in the Windows 7 Beta. The volume has been phenomenal — we’re in the process of adding more servers to handle the demand. We’re sorry for the […]

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Windows 7 Beta downloads crashes Microsoft servers

In a sure sign that the world wants something better than Windows Vista, downloads for the new Windows 7 beta has brought Microsoft’s web servers to a screaching halt.  In trying to download the beta since its release about 45 minutes ago, I have encountered only “Server Too Busy” messages when trying to login to […]

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Microsoft leaks Windows 7 to BitTorrent dilberately?

Caught this on headline on Slashdot: Windows 7 Leaked To Pirates By Microsoft? I immediately think, this might be the smartest thing Microsoft has done in a while, if its true. This has created a lot of free publicity that the company might not have otherwise experienced from the product and its creating a lot […]

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