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A problem for VMware: If it’s “good enough” then why pay more?

I have often commented to my coworkers that VMware is facing a “good enough” problem.  Even though I believe in VMware and their software, I’ve said there is day coming soon that competing products will be “good enough” and customers will no longer see the need to buy VMware’s vSphere suite, even though it is […]

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Updated Windows 7 install notes for MacBook Pro owners

In the process of installing the Windows 7 beta, I have come across a few things that don’t quite work well out of the box on my MacBook Pro.  Here are some notes from my experiences that may help someone else: Partitioned the drive using Boot Camp Assistant.  Install takes up about 9GB, so you’ll […]

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VMware Fusion 2 versus Parallels Desktop 4

Well, for as much as Parallels touted their Desktop 4 product is 50% faster, I have to admit that I’m initially impressed with Fusion’s speed.  Its running extremely well on the same virutal machine that I imported from Parallels.  The only nagging problem is the stuipid Norton Antivirus which apparently thinks I have changed systems […]

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VMware Fusion for $10 for Parallel’s owners

Since I’ve blogged about my great problems with the Parallel’s Desktop 4.0 upgrade, I couldn’t not post this in case you’ve found yourself in the same boat.  VMware Fusion is being offered at 50% off for Cyber Monday.  (Just use the coupon code “CyberMondayDeal” on checkout).  In addition, if you are a Parallels Desktop or […]

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Parallels releases Desktop 4.0

I was an early adopter for the Intel Mac phenom.  Parallels was much faster to market with their Mac virtualization product and so I have been a loyal user of Parallels Desktop since it was introduced.  I have tried VMware Fusion and I’m fond of the product, but Apples to Apples (pun intended), the softwares […]

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