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Patching VCSA 6.5 to Update 1 in a vCenter HA configuration

One of the best things included in the vCenter Server Appliance is the automatic update feature in the Appliance Manager.  This handy feature makes updates to a VCSA simple and quick.  Unfortunately, using vCenter HA, included in the VCSA 6.5, breaks this patching for most users.  Why?  The simple answer is that the secondary and […]

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HP Virtual Performance Viewer offers heat map for virtual performance

A couple weeks ago at VMworld, I stopped by the HP booth to see what they had new for this year and I was introduced to HP Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV).   Presented as a virtual triage tool, the idea behind vPV is to quickly let a virtualization administrator identify host spots of CPU or […]

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Getting started with vCenter Orchestrator

When I travel for work, I strive to bring back as many good ideas as I can and implement them in our IT shop.  VMworld 2011 offered the opportunity to meet a lot of people, one of those being Cody Bunch who is authoring Automating vSphere: With Vmware vCenter Orchestrator for VMware Press.  In talking […]

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Non-standard MSSQL port causes vCenter WebServices problems

After almost a year, I have had problems with the VMware WebServices (the Tomcat web apps packaged into vCenter server) not working properly.  At every upgrade, I have had issues where the apps that were “fixed” by support break again.  I knew I had to be doing something wrong.  I thought that vCenter was just […]

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Remove dangling plug-in from vCenter Server

After completing our upgrade to vSphere’s version of vCenter Server, there were a few incompatible plugins left from our VI3 install.  Most of these were easy to remedy – especially the VMware provided add-on products like Converter and Update Manager which were on the same DVD media as vCenter Server.  But, if you have any […]

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Running Virtual Center/vCenter as a virtual machine or virtual appliance

I’m wondering what everyone else in the world does…  I’m investigating running Virtual Center/vCenter as a virtual machine in order to remove two additional physical servers running Windows 2003 Enterprise in a cluster.  I’m also very interested in running vCenter as a Linux virtual appliance when that becomes available.  Is anyone out there running vCenter […]

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