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Stick to the recipe to keep ESXi on HP hardware cooking

Back in September, I blogged about a potential problem between HP’s September software bundle for ESXi and ProLiant Gen8 blade servers with Emulex CNA’s.  Long story short, the issue was caused by a mismatch of firmware between Virtual Connect and the Emulex CNA’s.  The mismatch was induced by me, as the administrator, not keeping all […]

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Reload inaccessible or invalid VM’s with this PowerCLI one-liner

Can I let you in on a secret?  Although I blog to help others through my own experiences and troubleshooting, one of the other things I do is use my blog as my own personal knowledge base.  Once I’ve hit something, if I blog it, its there for me as much as you… One of […]

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Simplifying IT support and deployments with converged systems

All IT solutions will experience problems at some point in their life.  Supporting IT solutions is difficult, time-consuming and costly, but also a fact of life – a fact as a systems administrator I am thankful for.  It means, I have a job.  Problem solving skills are absolutely necessary, but all administrators need the expert […]

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Non-standard MSSQL port causes vCenter WebServices problems

After almost a year, I have had problems with the VMware WebServices (the Tomcat web apps packaged into vCenter server) not working properly.  At every upgrade, I have had issues where the apps that were “fixed” by support break again.  I knew I had to be doing something wrong.  I thought that vCenter was just […]

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Monitoring challenges moving critical systems in virtual infrastructure

Like many shops, we have finally attained buy-in from all our stakeholders for virtualization.  As a result, we’ve pushed more and more into our infrastructure.  And while VMware is the most datacenter ready solution for virtualization, it is not without its shortcomings — monitoring and visibility into the infrastructure being one of the biggest. While we were […]

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Path failures on ESX4 with HP storage

Since we began upgrading our clusters to ESX4, we have been having strange “failed physical path” messages in our vmkernel logs.  I don’t normally post unless I know the solution to a problem, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.  Our deployment has been delayed and plauged by the storage issues that I mentioned […]

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Broken iPhone, happy ending

Friday evening, at approximately 10pm, my iPhone fell and was badly injured. It’s face was cracked and looked terrible. Fortunately, it still responded and I could use it. Saturday, after checking, I was still under a long contract with AT&T, so no cheap replacement option there. I knew from reading, that Apple was offering screen […]

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Month of silence, because of a blade enclosure

The past month of my life has been spent dealing with the fall-out over a massive failure of our local blade enclosure.

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Twas the Night Before New Years, sysadmin style

Twas the night of new years, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  The little one had passed out, and we’d put her to bed.  We had all celebrated with Carson, Dick Clark and the rest. Mom in her kerchief and I in my cap, had just settled […]

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HP’s complex products + HP support = fiasco

One of my most recent projects at HTC has been implementing our HP Bladesystem (not to be confused with a BladeCenter – that’s IBM’s product!). For the most part, its gone extremely smooth and the solution is fantastic for a sprawling datacenter. It really allows you to consolidate and concentrate your computing in the datacenter. […]

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