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Solarwinds releases Network Performance Manager 12

Monitoring and management software company Solarwinds has announced the release of Network Performance Monitor 12 – a release that includes their most significant updates in the history of the product.  Originally known as Orion, NPM is a comprehensive network monitoring and management tool.  The new release features to major new features known as NetPath and Network […]

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The Adventures of Dave - Englishjpg_Page1

Happy SysAdmin Day to my fellow SysAdmins!

Happy SysAdmin Day to my fellow SysAdmins! A lot has changed in the last decade and in celebration, here’s a fun comic from Solarwinds celebrating our work and how it has changed and will change in the future.  Have a great day!

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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager_SAM integration

Solarwinds releases Virtualization Manager 6.1 with deeper integration to Server & Application Monitoring

Today, Solarwinds released version 6.1 of Virtualization Manager (VMan) product with a significant focus on bringing together data from VMan and its Server & Application Monitoring (SAM) tool.  This means that VMan customers who also run SAM get all the benefits of baselines and deviations alerts for the metrics that VMan is monitoring.  The integration between the two systems […]

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Solarwinds converts DNSstuff from subscription to free service

SolarWinds announced today that its subscription-based DNSstuff will now be offered as a free service to customers.  The DNSstuff site offers customers with many tools to quickly troubleshoot and solve DNS issues on the internet.  Some of the tools are fairly straight forward – like webified versions of Whois and Dig, but others provide more insight […]

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The Showdown: Sysman vs NetMan

In their latest wave of survey findings, Solarwinds poses the Systems Administrator versus the Network Administrator – SysMan versus NetMan.  The following is an infographic with the findings as they compare the people behind the two job titles. click to enlarge the graphic The full press release is below: SolarWinds Survey Reveals IT Pros are […]

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SysAdmins Revealed

SysAdmins Revealed! Who are we?

Behind the dark curtain, tucked far away in the back of the building – they’re lurking. People see them, they say hi to them, they know their name (mostly from the emails they receive), but they really don’t know what these people do.  Bloodshot eyes from long nights of coding – for work and for […]

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Solarwinds hosting a ‘demo challenge’ worth $10K in prizes

Starting today and for the next 20 days, Solarwinds is giving away a ton of prizes in their SolarWinds Network Performance Manager Demo Challenge.  The contest is pretty simple.  You go to SolarWind’s contest site, you register with your information, answer 5 questions by looking at a demo install of Network Performance Monitoring, and you’re entered […]

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VNQM VoIP Call Details, source: SolarWinds

SolarWinds launches new VOIP quality monitoring suite

On Wednesday, SolarWinds announced the VOIP and Network Quality Manager, formerly known as SolarWinds IP SLA Manage, aimed directly at quality control of Cisco IP telephony systems today with support for additional vendors in the future.  But beyond the core phone system software, the monitoring suite watches the entire VOIP environment holistically, including the transport, servers […]

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