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Pushing forward with VDI – Pano & VMware View

Our journey to VDI continues.  This week, we had several more milestones on our road to delivering this solution into the far reaching corners of our area.   Among those accomplishments were implementing the DHCP options successfully, setting up several pools of linked-clone virtual desktops and a wider testing of the Pano devices and their […]

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VMware View implemented

My co-worker, Jason, was tasked with our VMware View implementation and I’m glad to report that its been largely successful and more importantly easy to deploy.  I thought that now was a good time to reflect and share with you how we came to the decision to deploy virtual desktops, where we plan to use […]

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Our Pano Logic units have arrived

As a followup to my previous posts about thin clients and our research, we made a first step into the virtual desktop arena.  We purchased 55 Pano Logic units just before end of last year.  They arrived and have been safely stored away while we work out the rest of our implementation plans.  This is […]

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Dell thin client presentation

We met with Dell via conference call last week to go over their offering for thin-clients.  They basically showed off their Optiplex FX160 thin client.  To me, its more of a very small PC than thin-client with options of adding a hard drive and other hardware.  It does run XP Embed or a SUSE LInux. […]

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The thin client quest is on

We are on the quest for the best thin client for our uses at HTC.  My co-worker, Jason, has been leading the evaluation process.  So far, different people in my group have seen presentations from Pano Logic, HP, Wyse and we have Dell coming later this month.  We have evaluated the Pano Logic solution and […]

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