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Started the conversion to SafeCopy

I have started my conversion to SafeCopy backup today.  In the past, I have used Mozy, but after searching online for alternatives, I found SafeCopy to be most compatible with what I wanted to protect.  SafeCopy cost me $50 a year for 200GB of storage.  You can backup from as many computers as you desire […]

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Mozy nixes unlimited backups; disappoints with lack of tools to manage data

I have relied on Mozy backup for a few years now.  I really like their online backup service.  I’ve been a proponent of Mozy for a long time and I’ve written about their service several times on my blog.  But this morning, I found out that they had changed the rules of the game and […]

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Preserving and protecting old (and new) photos

Quite a while ago, I began trying to scan old family photos and preserve them.  Some were in pretty rough shape and took a while to restore and fill in blemishes to the prints.  Most were in very good shape, though, so I was able to go through some of my family’s oldest photos and […]

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Mozy to the rescue – a review of online backup

I’ve written a few times about online backup services and options.  I have setup Peer to Peer backup for a friend of mine using Crashplan, but primarily for my own use, I use Mozy.  I also setup a Mozy account for my good friend Tammy  to keep her photos and other files backed up on […]

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Mozy causing problems with Time Machine backups

Update: Mozy has released an update to fix this issue. File this under the “why’s that happening” category…  About a week ago, I noticed that my MacBook Pro’s Time Machine stopped working.  It has been working flawlessly to an external drive hosted on my iMac at home, but I wanted something to back it up […]

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One month later, Mozy backup almost complete

One month and two days ago, I posted about my experience with online backup solution Mozy.  I’d tried the product once before and been disappointed with the backup speeds, and so I abandoned it, only to begin again last month.  After a month of backing up, I’ve almost got my initial 60GB plus a month’s […]

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Mozy status update

Its been a couple weeks now since I’ve written a Mozy backup status update.  We have progressed quite a ways in the backup process.  I have interrupted the backups almost every evening once I get home because it was saturating my upstream connection and degrading my internet performance while I was trying to use it. […]

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