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My switch from MS Money to Quicken (for Windows)

I have chronicled my search for a Mac money management replacement for Microsoft Money.  Unfortunately, after trials and testing, I have not found a suitable Mac solution that works fully for me.  So, after searching, Quicken for Windows 2010 is my new solution and so far, its working pretty well.   There were a few requirements that […]

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Update on my money management software

A commenter asked for an update on Moneywell and my switch to it for my primary money management platform.  Alas, I have to report that its not good news.  I have completely abandoned Moneywell and I haven’t launched the software in several months.  Here is the update I sent to my commenter, Daniel: Unfortunately yes, […]

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Moneywell, I’ve all but abandoned thee

Yeah, seems like today is a day of #fail for me.  I realize today scanning over my blog content that I’ve all but abandoned my new buddy Moneywell.  Its very close to a month since I used it last and although I really like the software, its different and I’m having troubles with that.  I […]

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Switching to Moneywell is hard to do (for me anyways)

I know that I should be switching from Money and making Moneywell my primary finance software, but I’m having a tough time.  I can’t seem to ensure that my checkbook balances to the accounts and that procedure is harder for someone who is so tied to online banking, like myself.  Let me explain. I’ve covered […]

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Running balances – my first problem with Moneywell

So, changing platforms is never easy.  I experienced my share of hurdles moving from Windows to Mac OS . There were times when I said “why can’t it just do __”, but mostly I was happy with my platform change.  Over time, I’ve found so many great Mac-only solutions that when I’m at work, I’m […]

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Moving from MS Money to Moneywell

I think that I have settled on Moneywell as my software of choice for Mac money management.  I really like how this software is setup for an envelope system style of managing your money.  I also like that it imported my QIF exports, although there is no way for it to preserve transfer transactions between […]

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Quicken Financial Life beta expires, community closed

Maybe I’m late to the party, but I found that my Quicken Financial Life beta build had expired.  Unfortunately, there is also no newer build to download.  So, no more testing of that software.  But I’m not crying. (more…)

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Microsoft officially kills Money (updated)

I’ve been a loyal Microsoft Money user since 2004 – well, maybe 2003.  My transaction logs go back to mid-2004, but I think I decided to start over with a new data file in 2004.  I’d played with MS Money since 2003 sometime, but I seriously approached it in 2004.  Yesterday, I learned, Microsoft will […]

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