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Decyphering Apple chat and messaging choices for Mac and iOS.

Apple has made a name for itself by inventing solutions with slick and well thought out interfaces that are easy to understand and use.  It has also made a name for itself as an innovator, creating new technology after new technology.  Most times, Apple has had a very focused strategy when it comes to solving […]

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Spending FaceTime with clients and family

One of the more brilliant features included with the iPhone 4, and now the iPhone 4S, is something Apple calls FaceTime.  It’s a video chat service that is dead simple to setup and use.  For other iPhone users, it uses your phone number to identify you (no additional account needed) and for other Macs and […]

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Warning: Stay away from MAC Defender

I’m a little late to the show with this, but I figured I’d put this out there, too.  There is a malware program going around called MAC Defender that disguises itself as Mac antivirus and malware removal software.  From what I am reading online, since I have not seen the software myself, just stay away […]

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SafeCopy: My answer to the Mozy changes?

I got a comment on my recent Mozy post which offered SafeCopy as an alternative to Mozy.  When my current subscription to Mozy ends, I’m certainly in the market for a more favorable solution to meet my needs.  Mozy’s new plans, in my opinion,  do not offer enough space for the price they charge and […]

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Mozy nixes unlimited backups; disappoints with lack of tools to manage data

I have relied on Mozy backup for a few years now.  I really like their online backup service.  I’ve been a proponent of Mozy for a long time and I’ve written about their service several times on my blog.  But this morning, I found out that they had changed the rules of the game and […]

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Undelete and file recovery for Mac

One of the questions I’ve received most often is whether or not there is a file recover or undelete software for the Mac.  Until recently, I did not know of one — and I’ve been burned more than a couple times.  I had one user who lost his 60GB+ iTunes library and I was not […]

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Sophos introduces free antivirus for Mac

Today, Sophos introduced a free, home-use antivirus product for Mac.  It is billed at 100%, absolutely, completely free — no strings attached.  It is also billed as an easy install and painless maintenance.  From the testing I’ve done so far, it lives up to all its billing. I have several Macs and I run Symantec […]

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Followup on IPTV; plus I bought a Mac Mini

Ok, strike another thing off of my wishlist.  As a followup to my IPTV thoughts post, I have purchased one of the new Mac Mini’s with an HDMI port over the weekend.  I even got the pleasure of buying it, atwhat I believe is the original Apple Store,  in Tysons Corner,Virginia while visiting my in-laws. […]

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IP to the TV: a random collection of thoughts

Its a very interesting time for the ole’ television.  For the majority of my life, and probably the lives of many older than me, TV has not changed much.  Sure, there was that big transition from black and white to color, but since then, TV has been largely the same.  In recent years, a big […]

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Apple releases new Mac Mini with HDMI

Apple quietly released a revision to the Mac Mini this morning while updating the online store.  The new version features a new unibody Aluminum enclosure for the Mac Mini, a slimmed profile, and best of all HDMI — making it the first Mac with a native HDMI port. I had been contemplating getting a Mac […]

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