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Mozy nixes unlimited backups; disappoints with lack of tools to manage data

I have relied on Mozy backup for a few years now.  I really like their online backup service.  I’ve been a proponent of Mozy for a long time and I’ve written about their service several times on my blog.  But this morning, I found out that they had changed the rules of the game and […]

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Followup on IPTV; plus I bought a Mac Mini

Ok, strike another thing off of my wishlist.  As a followup to my IPTV thoughts post, I have purchased one of the new Mac Mini’s with an HDMI port over the weekend.  I even got the pleasure of buying it, atwhat I believe is the original Apple Store,  in Tysons Corner,Virginia while visiting my in-laws. […]

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IP to the TV: a random collection of thoughts

Its a very interesting time for the ole’ television.  For the majority of my life, and probably the lives of many older than me, TV has not changed much.  Sure, there was that big transition from black and white to color, but since then, TV has been largely the same.  In recent years, a big […]

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Apple releases new Mac Mini with HDMI

Apple quietly released a revision to the Mac Mini this morning while updating the online store.  The new version features a new unibody Aluminum enclosure for the Mac Mini, a slimmed profile, and best of all HDMI — making it the first Mac with a native HDMI port. I had been contemplating getting a Mac […]

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Apple’s Mac Mini server is popular, what could be next?

When Apple last refreshed the Mac Mini line, it introduced a new version with Mac OS X Server preloaded that also dropped its optical drive in lieu of dual hard drives. This new configuration is quite popular according to a recent post on AppleInsider.  That leads me to wonder and speculate about what could be […]

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iTunes 9 Home Sharing is a killer missing feature

The new Home Sharing feature in iTunes 9 finally bridges the gap for homes, like mine, with multiple instance of iTunes, multiple iPods/iPhones and those of us who like to keep our libraries in sync as we purchase more and more content through iTunes.  So, what is the feature and how does it work? Home […]

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HP MediaSmart server now with iTunes, Time Machine support

HP is introduced a refresh to its MediaSmart home servers line.  The software refresh included features such as iTunes streaming support and the ability to use the MediaSmart as a Time Machine backup destination.  The two new models, the MediaSmart ext485 and the ext487, are both based on Microsoft Windows Home Server, but the ability for […]

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Apple working on Home Media server?

9to5mac has a post that speculates that Apple is working on a Home Media server.  I certainly hope so.  This is the biggest issue to the multi-Mac household, like mine.  We have three Macs in my house and the biggest issue we have is sharing our music  and moreso video between our computers.  We purchase all […]

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