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What I’m passionate about: Apple, Inc.

When I first began the blog, to introduce myself and who I am to the audience, I did a series of posts about companies and products that I admired.  I started, but never completed, a post about Apple – a company that I very much admire. I found it hard to put into word why […]

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Cloud Services Automation

Simplifying IT support and deployments with converged systems

All IT solutions will experience problems at some point in their life.  Supporting IT solutions is difficult, time-consuming and costly, but also a fact of life – a fact as a systems administrator I am thankful for.  It means, I have a job.  Problem solving skills are absolutely necessary, but all administrators need the expert […]

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Broken iPhone, happy ending

Friday evening, at approximately 10pm, my iPhone fell and was badly injured. It’s face was cracked and looked terrible. Fortunately, it still responded and I could use it. Saturday, after checking, I was still under a long contract with AT&T, so no cheap replacement option there. I knew from reading, that Apple was offering screen […]

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Did Apple lose its chance to capitalize on Vista?

I read a Digg for an article over at macworld.com entitled Apple has squandered the gift that was Vista.  I’m not sure I agree with the author’s perspective.  In fact, I think what Apple did might have been a very smart play.  After reading the piece, the author’s view seems to be that because Apple […]

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Huckabee talk about customer service

I found this YouTube video from Huckabee’s Fox News show and its his commentary on customer service.  I’ve said similiar things in my blog before on customer service.

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USAA – the model of customer service

In light of HP’s crap support yesterday, today I thought I’d relay something more positive towards a company I admire. This time its not Apple. Its USAA – the United States Automobile Association. USAA is a bank/insurance/financial company which is a member’s only corporation serving active and former members of the armed forces and their […]

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HP’s complex products + HP support = fiasco

One of my most recent projects at HTC has been implementing our HP Bladesystem (not to be confused with a BladeCenter – that’s IBM’s product!). For the most part, its gone extremely smooth and the solution is fantastic for a sprawling datacenter. It really allows you to consolidate and concentrate your computing in the datacenter. […]

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