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Surprise, its a Chrome Notebook…

I came home Tuesday to find a surprise waiting next to my door.  There was a generic UPS package delivered and I could not figure out what I had ordered.  I certainly wasn’t waiting or expecting a package.  I opened up the box to find another generic box inside, still wondering, “What is this?” in […]

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Google Wave is cool enough, but is it useful?

Its been a few weeks and I now have a few friends populated in Google Wave.  When I first received my invite, it was me, myself and I – ok, that’s just one person – on Wave.  I had to turn to the in:public search option to find any waves to try out the service. […]

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Updated Windows 7 install notes for MacBook Pro owners

In the process of installing the Windows 7 beta, I have come across a few things that don’t quite work well out of the box on my MacBook Pro.  Here are some notes from my experiences that may help someone else: Partitioned the drive using Boot Camp Assistant.  Install takes up about 9GB, so you’ll […]

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Windows 7 Beta update – its installed

I had much better luck today getting a installation key and copy of the Windows 7 Beta from Microsoft.  I have just installed it in a BootCamp partition on my MacBook Pro and so far, I’m impressed.  I decided to put it into BootCamp to get real performance metrics since VMware Fusion would have a […]

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Microsoft take down Windows beta download, adding servers

I just checked in again for the first time since about 6:00 on the Windows 7 Beta download – got this message from Microsoft: Thanks for your interest in the Windows 7 Beta. The volume has been phenomenal — we’re in the process of adding more servers to handle the demand. We’re sorry for the […]

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Windows 7 Beta downloads crashes Microsoft servers

In a sure sign that the world wants something better than Windows Vista, downloads for the new Windows 7 beta has brought Microsoft’s web servers to a screaching halt.  In trying to download the beta since its release about 45 minutes ago, I have encountered only “Server Too Busy” messages when trying to login to […]

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