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Unitrends is offering free backup virtual appliance for up to 1TB

So, I am a little late to the party, but I just found Unitrends new Free Backup offering.  Launched in May, the new backup offering is distributed as a virtual appliance and has a 1TB protected limit, but is otherwise free and clear for you to use.  This is a perfect backup for your home […]

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Started the conversion to SafeCopy

I have started my conversion to SafeCopy backup today.  In the past, I have used Mozy, but after searching online for alternatives, I found SafeCopy to be most compatible with what I wanted to protect.  SafeCopy cost me $50 a year for 200GB of storage.  You can backup from as many computers as you desire […]

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BC2142 VMware Data Recovery session recap

VMware Data Recovery is a new feature introduced with vSphere 4 which attempts to be a full-featured backup solution for the ESX lineup.  There are some limitations to the software that limit it more towards small to medium business – not really enterprise customers, however, I’d consider my company a small enterprise user and we […]

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Mozy backup update

So, its been exactly a week since I started my Mozy backup.  I have now progressed to completion of approximately 20GB of my data backed up.  My iMac froze (yes, it does happen…) one day and I had to restart it when I got home from work, but the backup kicked off again.  So, 20GB […]

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Peer to Peer Backup solutions appearing

To the Napster (real, not pay-for) generation, such as my self, the peer-to-peer thing has always been enticing.  That’s why I was so impressed when I stumbled upon CrashPlan last week.  It immediately struck me as a great idea for backup.  Peer to Peer backup really puts you in control of your data backup and […]

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HP MediaSmart server now with iTunes, Time Machine support

HP is introduced a refresh to its MediaSmart home servers line.  The software refresh included features such as iTunes streaming support and the ability to use the MediaSmart as a Time Machine backup destination.  The two new models, the MediaSmart ext485 and the ext487, are both based on Microsoft Windows Home Server, but the ability for […]

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