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HP Data Protector will support Federated Catalyst at launch

This is a follow-up to an earlier blog post about Federated Catalyst, a new feature in HP StoreOnce D2D backup devices.  See the earlier post for more information about Federated Catalyst.  Without backup software to actually use Federated Catalyst, the technology itself doesn’t do much good, so my first question is when would Data Protector support […]

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HP introducing Federated Catalyst to StoreOnce

This week at HP Discover, HP announced a new Federated Catalyst feature for the StoreOnce family of disk to disk backup arrays.  The new capability will allow backup administrators to make large Catalyst stores on a StoreOnce and allow for data to be striped across all the back-end service sets in the array.  Federated Catalyst […]

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HP extending Data Protector backups to vCloud Director

Many backup vendors support vSphere, VMware’s flagship virtualization platform.  But now, HP’s Data Protector platform supports the extended vCloud layer directly with integration against VMware’s vCloud Director.  Workloads in highly virtualized datacenter are much more dynamic than traditional IT and the addition of vCloud Director to an environment only accellerates the ebb and flow of […]

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HP Discover 2012: HP introduces third generation of StoreOnce D2D backup devices

HP unveiled a third generation of StoreOnce devices targeted at improving backup and restore performance, StoreOnce redundancy and introducing a new interface to handle backups.  The new StoreOnce B6200 was introduced last week at HP Discover.  With the new B6200,  customers will get a 2-node base configuration configured as a couplet (cluster) with seamless failover […]

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Taking my cloud backup to Crashplan

A few years ago, I wrote about peer-to-peer backup for the first time.  To date, its one of my most popular articles on the site.  The primary focus of my post was Crashplan, a freely available software that allowed people to backup their data to a friend at no charge.  I have really loved their […]

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Started the conversion to SafeCopy

I have started my conversion to SafeCopy backup today.  In the past, I have used Mozy, but after searching online for alternatives, I found SafeCopy to be most compatible with what I wanted to protect.  SafeCopy cost me $50 a year for 200GB of storage.  You can backup from as many computers as you desire […]

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SafeCopy: My answer to the Mozy changes?

I got a comment on my recent Mozy post which offered SafeCopy as an alternative to Mozy.  When my current subscription to Mozy ends, I’m certainly in the market for a more favorable solution to meet my needs.  Mozy’s new plans, in my opinion,  do not offer enough space for the price they charge and […]

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Mozy nixes unlimited backups; disappoints with lack of tools to manage data

I have relied on Mozy backup for a few years now.  I really like their online backup service.  I’ve been a proponent of Mozy for a long time and I’ve written about their service several times on my blog.  But this morning, I found out that they had changed the rules of the game and […]

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Undelete and file recovery for Mac

One of the questions I’ve received most often is whether or not there is a file recover or undelete software for the Mac.  Until recently, I did not know of one — and I’ve been burned more than a couple times.  I had one user who lost his 60GB+ iTunes library and I was not […]

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Mozy to the rescue – a review of online backup

I’ve written a few times about online backup services and options.  I have setup Peer to Peer backup for a friend of mine using Crashplan, but primarily for my own use, I use Mozy.  I also setup a Mozy account for my good friend Tammy  to keep her photos and other files backed up on […]

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