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sponsorsWhy does Techazine have sponsors?  Sponsors provide the income required to keep this site online, to create the test lab where many of the products written about are setup and tested or they provide the travel and entry fees for the industry events I attend and report from.  Sponsors are an integral part of making Techazine a reality.

Sponsors do not have any editorial control or influence over content published at Techazine.com.  The author, Philip Sellers, takes great pride at being an independent systems administrator, while many other bloggers have an affiliation with as a VAR or employee of a vendor.  The views published represent the end-user system administrator’s perspective. Any products provided do not affect the views and opinions written in the blog.

What do sponsors get from Techazine?  Sponsors can expect prominent display throughout the blog site for the agreed periods.  Sponsors may be noted in emails, tweets and communications from Techazine to readers.  In short, sponsors get promotion from Techazine in relation to the giveaway, contest or event where it makes sense.

Ways to sponsor

Direct Advertising.

Techazine has several ad spaces which can be purchased for 30 day periods.  We do not have an automated ordering system in place at this time for advertising space.  Please contact philip (dot) sellers (at) gmail.com for information.  The ad areas are visible on the public site.  You may place a monthly ad order online below using Paypal.  You will be contacted after you complete an order for the specifics of where and for how long you’d like to advertise.

  • 728 x 15 Header Banner – $125 per month
  • 300 x 250 Sidebar Block – $150 per month
  • 300 x 600 Skyscraper Sidebar – $150 per month
  • 125 x 125 Button Sidebar Ads – $125 per month (not currently displayed)

Contact Email

Event Sponsorship.

Thanks to the sponsorship of industry vendors, I have been fortunate to attend industry conferences like HP Discover and VMworld.  If you or your brand have an event where you will be exhibiting and participating, Techazine will travel to you.  Vendors in the past have provided airfare, hotel and other expenses in return for coverage and posts related to the event.  Techazine is not a primary source of revenue for the author, Philip Sellers, so offers are evaluated individually and must be coordinated between calendar and other responsibilities.


Being a technology blog, many of the software packages and products written about on the blog require lab equipment to evaluate them.  Building the home lab is an important part of making Techazine happen.  Vendors providing lab equipment will get prominent placement on a lab page (as that develops) as well as announcements and possible reviews of the products provided.  Some of the things I am currently seeking include:

  • Home Office/Remote Office iSCSI storage device
  • Gigabit Network Switches
  • Low power server hardware
  • Firewall/VPN endpoint device