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Why ESX’s Update 2 bug is a big deal…

First, let me say that a wise man once told me that procrastination solves many a problem.  While I don’t think it always applies, when it comes to software patches and upgrades – I tend to tread water for a while before applying anything in production. Everyone else has chimed in with their perspective on […]

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My impressions of MobileMe

Its been a little while since MobileMe has been released and the dust has started the settle. There was a lot of attention to the botched launch and even the Steve has weighed in on it with an internal email circulated through Apple. And while the launch had major issues, the service is really impressive. […]

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What I’m passionate about: Apple’s products

There is just something about this little company in Cupertino that gets everyone going, myself included.  Their products are unlike anything else in the market and it is a company that really “gets” user experience. Our first meeting My first experience with an Apple was back in elementary school and it was an Apple ][.  […]

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What I’m passionate about: virtualization

Since June of 2006, I’ve worked for HTC (Horry Telephone Cooperative), which by the way is the national’s largest telephone cooperative.  Its offered me some great experiences and training opportunities.  One of those is exposure to virtualization technologies.  And this one comes with a story. When I started at HTC, my wife was pregnant and […]

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New blog

Hi.  My name is Philip.  I’m a blogger-wannabe.  My wife and I have been maintaining a personal blog since we found out she was pregnant in March of 2006.  I’ve enjoyed the process of blogging and I’ve wanted to blog on other topics that most of the family wouldn’t really care to read, so our […]

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