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                28 Series screen printing ink

                This series of ink is printed polyester film specially developed satin ink. Printing and post-processing job very well.
                A, this series ink has good oil resistance, gasoline, alcohol resistance, chemical resistance and excellent weather resistance.
                B, printed good workability, high-speed printing of excellent workability can be fine print.
                C, this series of inks pastel semi-gloss effect.
                D, this series of inks has a strong resistance to yellowing and softness, and abrasion resistance.

                It can be used to print polyester film ﹑ sticker switch.
                Ink adhesion test:
                Item Test Result
                Cross hatch tape peel adhesion test qualified 100/100
                Hardness Pencil hardness test JIS K5400 8.4 H-2H
                Weather resistant artificial sunlight climate simulator placed 700 hours no abnormal
                100 resistance to alcohol use 99.5 percent of alcohol 500g law code no abnormal friction force
                Oil ester of use peanut oil 500g law code 100 times without abnormal friction force
                Alkali soaked in NaOH 5% aqueous solvent for 48 hours without abnormal
                Acid resistance in H2SO4 5% aqueous solvent dipped slightly whitened surface 48 hours

                Standard Hue Number: standard hue of this series of ink has been indicated and described in the SSI screen ink color, and can be mixed with each other and with those of other standard color halftone.
                 Number Number Hue Hue
                28-L100-B lemon yellow 28-Q100-B Pink
                28-P113-B light yellow 28-V100-B purple
                28-Y115-B golden 28-E100-B ultramarine
                28-R100-B Red 28-B100-B primary color blue
                28-M100-B Rose 28-G100-B Green
                28-S125-B Orange 28-K100-B black
                28-195-B light syrup 28-W100-B White

                1 dilution: 5000 # diluent using SSI (standard), 10-15% solvent was added in the ink may be printed.
                2, dried: A, 10-20 minutes at room temperature, the ink surface is dry. B, 80 ℃ heated and dried, three minutes and dried ink film surface. C, to be completely dried, preferably at room temperature 24 hours.
                3, cleaning: You can use SSI 3000 # wash water network clean screen.
                4, color matching services: to provide customers with exclusive color matching services, please provide printing materials, the use of mesh, color swatch or ink version, etc., to give a reference.
                1), in accordance with standard health regulations and safety regulations to use this product, there should be no harm to the human body, but as other general chemicals, the use of this product should also try to avoid skin and eye are contaminated, if they splash and should be based on a large number of Rinse, and treatment.
                , so when using the ink, should be workshops and operating conditions, after the actual test print and determine whether the customer fit.