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                26 Series screen printing ink

                This series inks are suitable for printing on hard and soft polyvinyl chloride PVC, polystyrene PS, acrylonitrile ABS, PMMA, polycarbonate PC mofetil light ink. This series screen printing ink has good resistance to alcohol performance, wide adaptation range. Belonging to solvent evaporation drying.

                Adhesion: good workability, excellent adhesion and weather resistance. It has excellent adhesion on polystyrene different specifications and can withstand molding type, depth, time stamping, and subject to the conditions of the ink and other display has the characteristics.

                It can be used for printing advertising light boxes, electrical appliances and toys.

                Standard Hue Number: standard hue of this series of ink has been indicated and described in the SSI screen ink color, and can be mixed with each other and with those of other standard color halftone.
                 Number Number Hue Hue
                26-L100 pink lemon yellow 26-Q100
                26-P113 purple light yellow 26-V100
                26-Y115 golden 26-E100 ultramarine
                26-R100 26-B100 red colors blue
                26-M100 26-G100 Green Rose
                26-S125 orange 26-K100 Black
                26-195 26-W100 white light syrup

                1, the printing screen: photographic and water-soluble film can be used, generally mesh, scraping gum can be used, such as the use of gauze 90-120T, the better.
                2, dilution: the diluent is SSI 2000, added in a proportion of about 10-20%.
                3, Drying: drying rack case put just 20 minutes will be able to ink film surface is dry. In the rear of the print 24 hours for best adhesion.
                4, cleaning: You can use SSI 3000 net wash water cleaning screen and squeegee.
                5, the printing volume: Use proper dilution and printed materials, printed ink per kilogram to 30 square meters.
                6, color service: to provide customers with exclusive color matching services, please provide printing materials, the use of mesh, color swatch or ink version, etc., to give a reference.