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                SSGS series

                SSGS series is mainly used in metal, glass and other industries of printing inks, able to adapt to different users, drying conditions, can naturally dried at room temperature, free baking can also be baked at high temperature, fast drying, the ink film after the ink drying with excellent gloss, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, oil resistance, flexibility and the like.
                Ink Type: two liquid reaction type.
                Printing: Can be used for metal, glass and the like.
                Usage: A:
                         1, the transfer ink: ink 100% GS-000 hardener 25% thinner 15- 20%
                         2, dilution: GS Series SSI 7000 # required as diluent.
                         3, and dried: 110 ℃ 20 分鐘 80 ℃ 30 分鐘 since the ink GS-000 was added hardener or
                       GS-191 hardener happen "cross-linking" reaction cured and dried, printed ink surface placed 2-3 hours after the initial dry (not Zhanshou) at room temperature for 25 ℃, 24 小時 basically dried but dried thoroughly about the maximum adhesion fastness 48 hours, can be printed by baking and drying speed up chemical reactions.
                Ink 100 parts GS191 5-10 parts
                            15-20 parts diluent
                Test methods and results:

                Oroject Test methods result
                Adhesion Cross hatch tape peel test 100/100
                Hardness Pencil hardness test JIS K5400 8.4 H-2H
                Weatherability Climate artificial sun simulator placed 700 hours No abnormal
                Alcohol resistance 99.5% alcohol friction 100 times No abnormal
                Grease resistance Friction with peanut oil 100 times No abnormal
                Alkali Soaked in NaOH 5% water solvent 48 hours No abnormal
                Acid resistance H2S04 5% soaked in water for 48 hours the solvent Slight surface whitening
                1. Test conditions: printed material: clear glass, aluminum screen: 250 mesh / inch Blade: Pu blade 75 degrees.
                2, color: green sheet printing after the first dry white overprinting (room temperature 25 ℃ printing).
                3, drying: Green 60 ℃ 15 min white 110 ℃ 20 minutes.
                4, cleaning: It is recommended to use SSI 2000 # wash water network clean screen.
                1) 1, after the ink is added hardener, please used within 6 hours.
                      2, the ink was added hardening dose, some weighing accuracy, in order to get the most excellent patience.
                      3, dried at room temperature in winter hardening slows, thus corresponding increase in drying time, or humidity in the rainy season, due to moisture in the air to cause ink emulsification, resulting in poor curing conditions, and thus better heat drying.
                      4. The above is about the GS glass ink, clean glass after the first printed green dry place 24 hours after the test in India after the white and drying. Due to the different colors and printed materials, ink display performance will be a little different from the user before volume use, should be adequately tested to confirm.
                      5. The standard health regulations and safety regulations using this product, there should be no harm to the human body, but as other general chemicals, the use of this product should avoid skin and eye is contaminated, if they splash and should rinse with plenty of water, and treatment.