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                SS16-SS16-000 series is a two-liquid reaction type ink, low temperature hardening, the ink film after curing has excellent gloss, oil resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., belonging to solvent evaporation drying ink, after printing the solvent was evaporated fast drying ink film with gradual hardening, thus showing advantages.
                Printing range: PP and PE, metal, PET, FRP, FRT, chlorine-based urethane-based coating plate has processed chrome plate and stainless steel.
                Ink Type: two liquid reaction type.
                Drying time: 60 ℃ 5 分鐘 80 ℃ 3 minutes.
                Solvent: S799 solvent (standard drying).
                Use the recipe: 100 parts ink
                                  Add 10 parts plus agents
                                  15-20 parts of solvent
                Amount (1) the additive must be accurately weighed. Additives in the ink, and an increase in viscosity increase over time. Therefore, the ink in the mixed finish within eight hours use.
                 (2) additives and moisture in the air curing reaction, please note sealed.
                (3) After printing, place stencil and ink scraped clean with detergent.
                (4) the relationship between the temperature of the drying time, and the wind speed and air volume Ovens related.