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                88ACT Series screen printing ink

                This series of light ink suitable for screen printing decal. Print job is good, strong adhesion. After printing and re-printing varnish oil compatibility, and post-processing of spraying workability. Resistance to gasoline and high temperatures. Belonging to solvent evaporation drying.
                Solvent: SSI783 (standard) SSI718 (drying)
                Available for white and transparent PVC stickers PVC stickers, etc.

                project unit skills requirement
                Colour   Standard color samples
                Viscosity MPA-S 2500-3500
                Degree of fineness UM Less than or equal to 10
                Tack minute 15-30
                Hard work hour Less than or equal to 24 hours
                Gasoline resistance (90 #) Soak for one hour No change ink film
                High temperature (180 degrees) Thermostat 20 minutes No change ink film

                Above tests and conditions:
                1, printed materials: white self-adhesive PVC and transparent PVC.
                2, screen: 250 mesh / inch polyester mesh sand.
                3, Blade: PU scraper 70 degrees.
                4, color: all colors of ink decals.
                5. Drying time: after printing is placed in ventilated place 24 hours, the temperature 25 degrees, relative humidity 60-70%.
                6, cleaning agents: Use SSI777 # wash water network clean screen.
                1, the printing recipe: Ink was added 15% -20% of the solvent.
                2. Drying: 15-30 minutes at room temperature, the ink film surface is dry.
                3, cleaning: Use SSI777 # wash water network clean screen.
                4, color matching services: to provide customers with exclusive color matching services, please provide printing materials, the use of mesh, color swatch or ink version, etc., to give a reference.
                1, above the white stickers on self-adhesive PVC and transparent PVC is the "Golden Liberty SVLA". Decals single color printing ink all, natural drying, take area 8 × 11CM, made of 90 # gasoline and high-temperature resistance test.
                2, in accordance with standard health regulations and safety regulations to use this product, there should be no harm to the human body, but as other general chemicals, the use of this product should also try to avoid skin and eye is contaminated, if they splash and should be plenty of water rinsing, and treatment.
                3, descriptions and data in this technical data within the company are technical engineers by many years of research and believed to be accurate, but it does not mean that when the ink use can get the same effect, because this information is based on technical engineers test environment was developed, So when customers use inks should be workshops and operating conditions, after the actual test print and determine suitability.