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                31 Series screen printing ink

                31 Series
                31 series is the most important feature of the halogen-free membrane switch based ink. This ink is suitable for PET, PC, PVC printing, belong solvent evaporation drying inks, particularly strong adhesion, printing and post-processing job is very good, is environmentally friendly low-odor ink.

                Ink adhesion test results:

                project Test methods result
                hardness Pencil hardness test JIS K5400 8.4 H-2H
                Adhesion Indy a color In the ink film surface staggered plan for cross-cut, and then paste the tape for peeling test 100/100
                The first two-color overprint 100/100
                The first three-color overprint 100/100
                The first four-color overprint 100/100
                The first five-color overprint 99/100
                Water resistance Immersed in tap water in one week No abnormal
                Alcohol resistance With methanol to 1 kg pressure rub 100 times No abnormal
                Gasoline resistance 90 # gasoline to 1 kg pressure rubbing 50 times No abnormal
                Wear resistance With a piece of cloth to wipe 100 times 1 kg pressure No abnormal
                Oil ester of With peanut oil with 1 kg pressure rubbing 50 times No abnormal
                Alkali Soaked in NaOH% water solvent 48 hours No abnormal
                Acid resistance H?SO45% soaked in water for 48 hours the solvent No abnormal
                Re-processing performance Cutting and conflict No abnormal
                Grasping scratch test Grasping with fingernails scraping No abnormal
                Hand friction test Hand friction No abnormal

                Test Conditions:
                1. Printed material: PET
                2. Mesh: 250 mesh
                3. Ink: Y115, R100, Q100, W100, K100
                4. Drying: overlapping color printing 80 ℃ X15 minutes for adhesion testing of every color only 80 ℃ X30 seconds, bake until the surface is dry made after the first two color overprint, to the first five full color printed and then heated 80 ℃ X15 minute.
                Third, use:
                1. Dilution: Use thinner SSI 842 # (standard) added 10-15% solvent with ink, stir evenly can be printed.
                2. Drying: After printing, just 10-20 minutes to be able to ink film surface is dry, the rear 24 hours for best adhesion. Low temperatures 50-60 degrees when baking for about 15 minutes.
                3. Hardener: add 10-15% proportion.
                4. Cleaning: You can use SSI 3000 # wash water network cleaning screen and squeegee.
                5. Printing area: 250 mesh screen, one kilogram of ink printed about 25 square meters.
                Fourth, note:
                1. Health Regulations in accordance with standards and safety regulations to use this product, there should be no harm to the human body, but as other general chemicals, the use of this product should avoid skin and eye are contaminated, if they splash and should be flush with water, and treatment.
                2. Instructions and data in this technical data within the company's technology is approved by many years of research engineers and believed to be accurate, but it does not mean that when the ink use can get the same effect, because this information is based on technical engineers then developed test environments, so customers When using ink, with workshops and operating conditions, after the actual degree of print and decide whether fit.