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                29 Series screen printing ink
                This series of ink for many different types of polystyrene PS, acrylonitrile ABS, polyvinyl chloride PVC, polycarbonate PC has good adhesion, printing ink film after dry fast, cover and strong, with a high toughness , wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance, and good resistance to alcohol characteristics. It belongs to solvent evaporation drying.
                Adhesion: For a variety of different types of polystyrene PS, acrylonitrile ABS, polyvinyl chloride PVC, polycarbonate PC having good adhesion. Its resistance level of alcohol is 99.7% ethanol 500 gf can rub 40 times.
                Solvent: SSI 2000 # (standard) SSI 2200 # (slow dry)
                It can be used for printing general cosmetic containers and various household appliances and accessories, such as housing.
                Standard Hue Number: standard hue of this series of ink has been indicated and described in the SSI screen ink color, and can be mixed with each other and with those of other standard color halftone.
                 Number Number Hue Hue
                29-L100 pink lemon yellow 29-Q100
                29-P113 purple light yellow 29-V100
                29-Y115 golden 29-E100 ultramarine
                29-R100 29-B100 red colors blue
                29-M100 29-G100 Green Rose
                29-S125 red 29-K100 Black
                29-195 29-W100 white light syrup
                1, the printing screen: printing, according to different needs to choose the right material. Such as for the fine print, we recommend using 120T (300 mesh) screen, such as when large areas and to achieve high hiding power, the choice of 77T (200 mesh) screen. Squeegee suggested the use of 70-75 degrees polyurethane squeegee, the better.
                2. Dilution: Thinner used SSI 2000 # about to be 10-15% can achieve the best online stable and resistant to blocking network performance.
                3, Drying: If the prints are separated, ventilation and humidity controls properly, after SSI 29 series ink, just 5-10 minutes to be able to ink film surface is dry.
                4, cleaning: You can use SSI 3000 # wash water network cleaning screen and squeegee.
                5, the printing volume: Use proper dilution and printed materials, printed ink per kilogram to 30 square meters.
                6, color service: to provide customers with dedicated color matching service, please provide printing materials, the use of mesh, color swatch or ink version, etc., to give a reference.
                1), due to the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride, often adding a large number of auxiliaries and additives, so as to have different characteristics, some of which happened to be seeping to the surface additives or PVC, to make characteristic change and produce inadequate adhesion and surface softening and other issues. So never tried printing film of new varieties, the Greek can first try to print, to be sure there are no problems, only for mass production.
                2), in accordance with standard health regulations and safety regulations to use this product, there should be no harm to the human body, but as other general chemicals, the use of this product should also try to avoid skin and eye are contaminated, if they splash and should be based on a large number of Rinse, and treatment.
                3), indicating that this technical information and data within the company through many years of research engineers and believed to be accurate, but it does not mean that when the ink use can get the same effect, because this information is based on technical engineers test environment was developed , so when using the ink, should be workshops and operating conditions, after the actual test print and determine whether the customer fit.