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                Pictorial printing ink five standards of quality
                Source:Monica   Time:2015-11-11 15:04:03

                In packaging printing, printing ink is the most commonly used inadvertising consumable materials. Then you for ink the five

                standards of quality and how much understand? Please see below forthe ink quality standard is introduced:
                Ink is one of the important materials used in packaging printing, itwill by printing patterns, words in ink on the substrates andauxiliary components, including of the main ingredients in themevenly mixed and after repeated rolling into a kind of colloidalfluid with viscosity. By linking pigments, and additives andsolvents, etc. For books, packaging decoration, constructiondecoration and printing. Along with the social demand, ink varietiesand production was expanded and growth. How to determine inkquality, color printing factory in shenzhen, to support a move you.

                Ink drying speed usually influence the printing quality, at the sametime also can cause a lot of printing failures, such as lead toprint on the back of the sticky dirty, even will cause the reelpaper printing can't normal. Users generally reflect, the domesticprinting ink dry on print quality, due to inadequate dry ink  printing defect, waste products, dry are greatly influenced by theseasons and climate problems, such as do not allow to ignore.
                Pleasant to print

                Modern printing, printing substrates more varieties and auxiliarymaterials, variety, performance difference is bigger also,therefore, the demand for ink is also more complex. General companythe attaches great importance to the optimum printing, in order tokeep the ink on the printing eligibility, guarantee and all kinds of

                ink and the adaptability of substrates, often keep in touch withfixed several ink supplier, will tell the special requirements oftheir ink supplier.Such as using the ordinary offset printing inkprinting coated paper, coated paper printing graphic colorful, goodglossiness; And in the same light coated paper, printing ink,

                telegraphing phenomenon is more serious, and gloss, but the marketdoes not appear to have specially suitable for lightweight coatedpaper printing ink, thus hope to according to the differentsubstrates, printing ink factory especially now commonly used newmaterials, such as lightweight coated paper, research and development of the corresponding ink.

                In addition, the newspaper printing equipment, selection of ink alsohave difference.
                Newsprinting machine is out of ink on the way, the performancerequirements of the ink is higher, theperformance of the ink, thecurrent domestic newspapers such as rheological property, viscosity cannot completely meet the requirements. Under the mode of inkprinting equipment, there is also a paste version and dirty, andnewspapers claim to the picture and the title is higher, so you needto printing ink factory according to the actual situation to adjustrelevant properties of the ink. The fitness of offset printing ink printing has yet to be further adjusted, if each user put forward special requirements, I'm afraid I won't be able to cope with the ink factory.
                The stability of For printing ink stability but also to the quality of printing quality. Have some company used in the domestic production of foreign brand inks, despite the ink formula is the same as the imported products, but as a result of domestic printing ink factory production conditions and management level and the oil ink factory,

                there is a certain gap caused some ink performance differences of the same brand and model.If use the same red ink, the ink by the same proportion, have clear off color. China imported ink and ink in ink coloration, environmental protection, and there is great difference between drying speed, and domestic ink liquidity is not

                good, viscosity is bigger also, sometimes have to cancel the adherend. Wants printing ink viscosity can be improved and gradually replace the imported high-grade printing ink, a high price.

                Newspaper printing in the printing effect to high viscosity low viscosity, good ink transfer performance, especially in high speed printing machine for printing ink dry demand higher.
                Color concentration

                Concentration of color or color saturation, and now, the newspaper of the old, and is no longer black and white has been replaced by more illustrated CaiBao, so the user requirements for newspaper

                printing with offset printing ink color concentration is higher. CaiBao ads, pictures, the title is dazzing, therefore need to ink color concentration to increase relatively. But I'd like to have a lot of ink color concentration are not ideal, the printing factories in order to ensure the density, to increase the amount of ink, or raise the percentage of the network, but the result is bound to cause heap ink, using ink quantity increase.Will also cause outlets and even increase the ink quantity. Normal rotary offset printing dot enlargement should be controlled below 25%, if the ink, can cause excessive levels of loss and branch increase, especially images, node increases theconsequences of more obvious. In addition, a few years ago appear serious problem is the insufficient black ink saturation, which still exists, but it is not a big problem. Is the cause of the black ink low printing factories in ordinary words, to reduce cost, choose the price is low, the quality is a bit poor black ink. Thanks to have such demand, naturally there is some ink factory production this inferior ink, affected the overall quality of the ink.
                Domestic printing ink is not ideal in terms of color concentration of several reasons: one is now mostly not ink factory production paint, rather than buying domestic pigment grinding, China imported pigment and pigment in terms of quality and gap; Second, ink factory in order to save costs, using fewer paint, cause the ink color saturation is not enough; And the key point is, even if the quality

                of the paint and dosage, ink particle fineness of national standard shall not more than 15 microns, the fine grinding, ink color more bright-coloured.If paint processing technology is not good enough, such as grinding particle size is not appropriate, ink color concentration may also be affected. Of course, the level of the print and colour is not only related to the ink, also with the plate making, printing equipment, ink balance and other related technology conditions, the quality of the ink is also the prerequisite and guarantee for the quality improvement of printing.
                Dieyin sex

                Demand of newspaper printing to offset printing ink color basically has two, one is color series, 2 it is ink viscosity of degeneration.

                Printed newspapers on the international standard color sequence is currently blue - magenta - yellow - black, its viscosity should be reduced gradually, can appear otherwise ink counter loop. Now some have noticed the large ink plant according to the printing color sequence away ink viscosity values, they also often communicate with

                ink supplier, timely adjust the ink ink.