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                Exhibitors 25th China International Screen Printing and Digital Technology Exhibition
                Source:Monica   Time:2015-11-16 10:34:08

                Show NO: 100,101,134,135
                Time: 18-20 March 2008
                Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao)
                Organizers: China Screen Printing Industry Association (CSPIA)
                The exhibition and the 17th China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition CPCA SHOW 2007, held on the 7th Munich Shanghai Electronics Show SEMICON CHINA 2008 over the same period, to jointly build Shanghai's most important show's most extensive screen printing, digital printing and electronics industries one of the three international network printing exhibition.
                Exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, at home and abroad will be more than 300 exhibitors.
                Companies in this exhibition for the first time launched a grand series of light-curable screen printing inks UVP, while East surplus ink series also debut exhibition.
                Associated with many dealers to hold talks with new product introductions and other issues.

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