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                Lion dance sun All of the Gao Mingxin factory housewarming celebration
                Source:Monica   Time:2015-11-16 10:30:51

                On May 24, 2007,
                The sun is shining, gongs, flags fluttering, lion dance vividly. The factory is full of flowers and beaming smile everywhere.

                Company on the brillant district meijia production base, held a grand grand housewarming celebration.
                Zhang made the celebration of the nation's total on behalf of the board of directors.
                Total points out that zhang jia sophisticated production base in the United States the construction, equipment installation, line 2, at work, emerge a batch of afraid tired, far advanced work model, is worth learning and encourage, at the same time, the development of Gao Mingxin factory to do the planning.
                Chen li, then made a speech, made a recognition of advanced individuals and departments.

                Meijia shenzhen company xie total, said the new plant base of the scale of production has reached the forefront of the domestic industry, at the same time, also to deliver a broader marketing market production support platform.
                Subsequently, held a variety of colorful activities to race in activity places, recreational program.