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                Exhibitor Third Asia-Pacific Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Exhibition
                Source:Monica   Time:2015-11-16 10:19:42

                Show NO: B024
                Time: 21-24 November 2005
                Location: Guangzhou Huacheng Exhibition Center (Guangzhou Zhujiang New City Huacheng Avenue East)
                Organizers: Asia Pacific Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association China Printing Technology Association of China Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association
                Screen printing, special printing: paper, all kinds of sheet screen printing T-shirts / apparel printing CD printing thermal transfer printing stamping printed circuit board after the printing process prepress screen printing and special printing supplies.
                The exhibition nearly 300 exhibitors, professional visitors have visited many parts of the world from afar, Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, the exhibition has become one of Asia's largest 2004/05 screen printing professional development.
                Mika company nearly one hundred meters square of exhibition, colorful, vivid.
                Mika dealers and visitors from around the guests, in Mika exhibition, display of new products, market channel construction, marketing, printing ink and other issues related to the prospects of friendly exchanges.

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