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                UVPET series inks UVPET series ink is specifically for PET and difficult to plastic material such as the development of UV type of ink, its good toughness and excellent adhesion. Difficult to plastic material, PE, PP, PET materials, processing, mainly used in the industries of membrane switch, PET bottles.
                UVA series inks UVA series ink is specifically for ABS, PVC, PC, PET, and part of the development of acrylic ordinary plastic UV type of ink, surface printing effect is very ideal. Most of the plastic material, including ABS, PVC, PET, PC, PMMA, etc
                UVX series inks UVX series ink is designed for vacuum forming technology of the development of a high tensile rate of UV type of ink, its UV cured film performance is good, tensile range is big, not ink. PVC transparent sheet, PET transparent sheet after curing vacuum forming.
                SKD series ink SKD series is to meet under the condition of high temperature baking bake one fluid type high-performance inks, has the good adhesion...
                Scope of application: routine for toughened glass, pottery and porcelain, thermosetting plastic, etc...
                SPT-502A Ink SPT-502A is of special untreated polypropylene or polyethylene material has a little print surface treatment and the development of products, a single liquid evaporation drying, matt ...... Scope: Can be used for polyolefin materials such as conventional treatment and the untreated PP, OPP, BOPP, PP synthetic paper ......
                SPT series ink SPT series is a high gloss, medium dry fast, super anti-alcohol, anti-white oil, excellent adhesion, excellent scratch resistance ...... Conventional polyolefin-based material can be used as treatment and untreated PP, OPP, BOPP, PP synthetic paper, PP foam board, KT board, YUPO paper and ......
                SPV series ink SPV series is a high color density, slow drying ink, with ink quality silky, smooth and thick feeling, particularly good printability, adhesion Premium ...... Suitable for conventional thermoplastics such as acrylic, ABS, PC, PETG, PS, hard and soft PVC plates, sheets, transparent films, plastic signs ......
                Four-color ink UVS series of ads UVS series of four-color ink has excellent adhesion, low odor, good flexibility, good printability, dot ...... Scope: apply to all types of soft plastic sheet printing, PP synthetic paper, PVC stickers, gold and silver cardboard ......