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                70 Series screen printing ink Ink type: solvent evaporation drying. Matt degree: This series is not the reflection of light matte ink, particularly suitable for printing symbols or ...... It can be used to showcase self-adhesive paper, labels, banners, plaques and soft containers.
                80 Series screen printing ink 80 series of quick-drying and 卓越光 brightness in soft upper hard PVC, making it ...... 可用于櫥窗自動粘貼紙、標簽、廣告、橫幅等。
                NY Series Screen Printing Inks NY series is a two-component ink, light quick-drying, the ink has flexibility, strong adhesion and excellent wear resistance of this series ink on a waterproof nylon fabric, to achieve excellent adhesion, but because ...... Nylon wind can be printed directly on canvas, umbrella, bag fabric and leather products such as polyurethane leather.