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A problem for VMware: If it’s “good enough” then why pay more?

I have often commented to my coworkers that VMware is facing a “good enough” problem.  Even though I believe in VMware and their software, I’ve said there is day coming soon that competing products will be “good enough” and customers will no longer see the need to buy VMware’s vSphere suite, even though it is […]

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TA3105 Long Distance VMotion session recap

Long Distance VMotion is by far the best session I’ve attended and the most exciting news for me of the VMworld week this far.  The session was a presentation of a research project performed by VMware, EMC and Cisco.  The session presented four options for performing a long distance VMotion using stock vSphere and existing […]

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HP Blades, Virtual Connect & ESX considerations

I may have already mentioned that one of our projects for the year is to transition our corporate ESX cluster from 2U hardware onto blades.  The process of transitioning does not come without some concern and some caveots moving to the blade architecture.  We feel that blades are a good fit in our case for […]

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Month of silence, because of a blade enclosure

The past month of my life has been spent dealing with the fall-out over a massive failure of our local blade enclosure.

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Twas the Night Before New Years, sysadmin style

Twas the night of new years, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  The little one had passed out, and we’d put her to bed.  We had all celebrated with Carson, Dick Clark and the rest. Mom in her kerchief and I in my cap, had just settled […]

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