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Big Data

HP shares Big Data directions

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Big Data briefing from HP Chief Technologist for Data Management, Greg Battas.  Battas is part of the newly formed Converged Systems group in HP.  He was a pioneer of Very Large Databases (VLDBs) and analytics in the telecom industry who has worked in business […]

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HP and chipmakers exploring use of specialized dark silicon for improved performance and efficiency

I love when a briefing or conference call sends me searching for a new term I don’t recognize.  I had that happen during an HP briefing with Greg Battas about Big Data last month.  It was the first time I had heard of the concept of Dark Silicon, where there are more transistors on a chip […]

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HP Discover 2013

HP’s Moonshot powering its corporate website, web farms

HP’s Proliant Moonshot servers are powering its website, serving up 300,000 visits per month on less than it takes to power 12, 60-watt light bulbs, says executives, including Meg Whitman, during their keynotes this week at HP Discover.  The Proliant Moonshot platform was officially launched to the public in April and first ships with cartridges with low-power Intel […]

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HP releases Moonshot platform for high density, eco-friendly servers

Last Monday, HP released the new HP Moonshot platform, a new set of server products specifically built to take less space, less power and less operational cost than traditional servers in the datacenter.  In Moonshot, HP is attempting to solve the issues data centers face today with finding ample power, finding space and cooling challenges. […]

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HP Redstone

Looking into the future of hyperscale and ARM in the datacenter

It is undoubted that the next wave of computing appears to be based around low energy, high performance chips like ARM processors.  All of the current generation smart phones use these system on a chip designs which increasing powerful devices.  They are as capable and powerful as many of our desktop computers. The datacenter today, […]

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