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HP Discover Barcelona: What to expect & how to follow online this week

I am currently sitting in Myrtle Beach airport waiting for my first of three flights that will ultimate bring me to Barcelona, Spain.  I’ll be spending the next week attending HP Discover in Barcelona.  It is one of HP’s two major conferences each year and it will be first visit to HP Discover in Europe […]

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CloudSystem Service Provider AP4SaaS

CloudSystem for Service Providers provides path for cloud brokers

I’ve posted before about my impressions of CloudSystem Service Provider, but it seems I had some facts wrong about the solution.  I’ve had a lot of exposure to the core CloudSystem solution from briefings and demonstrations from HP, but whenever discussed, it seems I missed a critical fact about the Service Provider offering.  HP is […]

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Cloud Computing

Finding the business case for cloud

I went to New York two weeks ago with a single cloud question still lingering in my head. What is the real technical advantages that are driving people towards cloud. Why is this something I should be considering or advocating at work? Cloud is both a marketing term and a technical term that I am […]

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Burst local and securely with HP CloudSystem

When it comes to cloud technology, one of the biggest advantages a cloud brings is the ability to expand and retract on demand.  This ability allows IT shops to meet the needs of customers and not miss revenue opportunities due to downtime, sluggish performance or overloaded server outages.  This capability does not come without security […]

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Cloud Computing

Returning from HP Cloud Tech Day

I am currently sitting in Atlanta airport waiting on my flight to return to Myrtle Beach.  I am returning from Houston, TX, where I have been on-site at HP’s facility to learn more about cloud and HP’s CloudSystem in particular.  Although cloud was our primary focus, we also spent some time looking at other innovations […]

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Step onto the cloud with HP CloudStart

HP is looking to make it easy for companies to step on the cloud. They are offering a solution called HP CloudStart that will deliver a fully functional cloud onto your site in 30 days or less.  For companies looking to give cloud technology a spin, CloudStart is an easy first step with the ability […]

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Cloud Services Automation

Simplifying IT support and deployments with converged systems

All IT solutions will experience problems at some point in their life.  Supporting IT solutions is difficult, time-consuming and costly, but also a fact of life – a fact as a systems administrator I am thankful for.  It means, I have a job.  Problem solving skills are absolutely necessary, but all administrators need the expert […]

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HP Discover 2011 Give Away

A potential service provider’s take on CloudSystem

Day to day, I work for a telephone company, though we are really much more – we sell cable TV, wireless, landline, Internet, security and home automation.  [Disclaimer – these are my views and not theirs.]  We have tossed around the idea of becoming a public cloud provider more than once.  Last week, during HP […]

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HP Discover 2011 Give Away

HP’s Livermore, Donatelli dive deeper into converged solutions

Today’s keynote stressed the ways in which HP is helping your business to become more agile in the market and react to the external forces on business through the use of integrated software and hardware solutions powered by HP technology. Ann Livermore was up first stressing the point of HP making your IT business more […]

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