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Burst local and securely with HP CloudSystem

When it comes to cloud technology, one of the biggest advantages a cloud brings is the ability to expand and retract on demand.  This ability allows IT shops to meet the needs of customers and not miss revenue opportunities due to downtime, sluggish performance or overloaded server outages.  This capability does not come without security […]

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My best blogging experience so far, the Bloggers Reality Contest

The past month has been one of the most fun and challenging things since I started blogging.  I have been participating with Thomas Jones’ Bloggers Reality Contest.  We posted our third and final posts of the contest last week and each of us has been patiently waiting for the final results this week at VMworld. […]

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Cloud Services Automation

Simplifying IT support and deployments with converged systems

All IT solutions will experience problems at some point in their life.  Supporting IT solutions is difficult, time-consuming and costly, but also a fact of life – a fact as a systems administrator I am thankful for.  It means, I have a job.  Problem solving skills are absolutely necessary, but all administrators need the expert […]

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Overview and experiences with HP BladeSystem.

For anyone who found this post looking for my week two post for the Blogger Reality Show, please see the Simplifying IT support and deployments with converged systems post instead.  This post is just more or less general info about HP BladeSystem and my experiences.   I worked with HP to deploy two HP BladeSystem C7000 chassis in my […]

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Sample P4800

Scale and standardize with a converged storage solution

Simplify.  Eliminate duplication of effort.  Reduce costs.  Play to your core competencies.  Standardize.  All of these are themes I have heard in my own company as we have looked at ways to improve our IT operations.  Like many companies, we try to form a plan of where our IT operations should move, motivated by making […]

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Announcing the Bloggers Reality Show

1:30pm – Updated with revised judging panel. When I think of a reality show, I think of people competing for prizes, being judged and getting voted out of the house, off the stage or off of the island.   Take that concept and apply it directly to tech bloggers and what would it be?  It would […]

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