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EdgeRouter X SFP

Upgrading to Ubiquiti’s EdgeRouter X SFP

New house.  New city.  New ISP.  New router.  This time I opted for the big brother of the EdgeRouter Lite, the EdgeRouter X SFP model.  While it includes all of the goodness that I previously reviewed with the EdgeRouter, including the Vyatta based OS, the X SFP model includes some additional hardware capabilities. Why a […]

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Four months with Circle guarding my Internet connection

Several months ago, I posted the unboxing photos and an overview of Circle, an Internet safety device that I ordered to protect my family at home.   I fully expected to be able to post a full review in just a few weeks, but I found that it took a bit longer to really test Circle with […]

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IMG_1258 (1)

Unboxing Circle, an Internet safety device for your home

Meet Circle.  Circle is a new take on the age old parental controls for your home’s internet connection.  Circle is a small box that joins your home wireless network or that plus into your home’s wired network and becomes the enforcer for all of your traffic. Unboxing Photos   Technical Details Circle does not replace […]

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On this day, three years ago…

On this day, three years ago, I posted my first entry on Tech Talk.  At the time, the idea was to try to contribute back to a community of technical resources whose blogs had contributed so much knowledge to me.  I had found their blog posts about VMware ESX and vCenter invaluable and the information […]

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Preserving and protecting old (and new) photos

Quite a while ago, I began trying to scan old family photos and preserve them.  Some were in pretty rough shape and took a while to restore and fill in blemishes to the prints.  Most were in very good shape, though, so I was able to go through some of my family’s oldest photos and […]

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WordPress for musicians

I have had the privilege of working with close friends updating their website as they were working on a new album.  The husband approached me, asking my opinion about a couple different hosted website solutions.  After talking with him about what they’d like to do, I found that their biggest desire was getting a good-looking website together […]

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MediaWiki for workgroup documentation

The bain of a sysadmin’s existence is documention.  Most of us hate doing the tedious paperwork, but doing so helps the group around you and many times yourself once you’ve moved on to new projects.  I know its a struggle for me and my co-workers.  Part of the problem is that documentation tends to get […]

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Month of silence, because of a blade enclosure

The past month of my life has been spent dealing with the fall-out over a massive failure of our local blade enclosure.

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Yep: iPhoto for your PDF’s

I’m trying to go paperless at home… well, not really.  I’m really trying to make sure some important documents don’t get destroyed if we ever had a fire or other disaster at home.  I don’t know why, but that sort of things concerns me now.  Maybe it was Hurricane Katrina and memories of Hurricane Hugo […]

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In search of a DPAP photo server

I’m trying very hard to research and find a good DPAP photo server, which could serve as a repository of photos accessible via iPhoto.  I see a lot of solutions like Firefly Media Server that work for iTunes media servers and I know that DPAP is based on DMAP, same as the DAAP which iTunes […]

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