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Spending FaceTime with clients and family

One of the more brilliant features included with the iPhone 4, and now the iPhone 4S, is something Apple calls FaceTime.  It’s a video chat service that is dead simple to setup and use.  For other iPhone users, it uses your phone number to identify you (no additional account needed) and for other Macs and […]

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What are your mobile apps telling about you?

I found a very interesting article today linked from the Wall Street Journal.  The Journal did a set of tests on popular iPhone and Android apps to find out what personal information is being collected and sent back to the developer or third party companies about you, sometimes without your consent.  The info-graphic is pretty […]

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iPhone 3.0 arrives and impresses

I’ve been silent for the last week and enjoying my newest toy – the iPhone 3.0 upgrade which dropped last week.  I’m very impressed with the release and with the incremental steps that Apple has delivered to all of us customers.  In the meantime, I’ve been one-up’d at work by many co-workers who have upgraded […]

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Another problem for the T-Mobile G1

The much hyped T-Mobile G1 handset will hit the market next month, but its in my eyes, it has a major obstacle to overcome – the overwhelming lack of a 3G network to operate on.  Many site AT&T’s 3G coverage (or lack) as a weakness with the iPhone 3G models, but T-Mobile’s 3G network coverage […]

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T-Mobile intro’s the G1 and its not the iPhone killer expected

Saw a lot of media coverage about T-Mobile’s introduction of the G1 handset.  I’ve watched several demos and I’m not really sure what I think of the handset yet.  Its certainly not got the wow factor that I had after seeing the introduction of the iPhone.  Maybe the missing piece was the Steve’s reality distortion […]

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