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Surprise, its a Chrome Notebook…

I came home Tuesday to find a surprise waiting next to my door.  There was a generic UPS package delivered and I could not figure out what I had ordered.  I certainly wasn’t waiting or expecting a package.  I opened up the box to find another generic box inside, still wondering, “What is this?” in […]

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IP to the TV: a random collection of thoughts

Its a very interesting time for the ole’ television.  For the majority of my life, and probably the lives of many older than me, TV has not changed much.  Sure, there was that big transition from black and white to color, but since then, TV has been largely the same.  In recent years, a big […]

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Google Wave is cool enough, but is it useful?

Its been a few weeks and I now have a few friends populated in Google Wave.  When I first received my invite, it was me, myself and I – ok, that’s just one person – on Wave.  I had to turn to the in:public search option to find any waves to try out the service. […]

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Google Wave invite has arrived

Overnight, I received my Google Wave invite.  So far, no one I know has a Wave account, I’ve sent out a few invites and hopefully later today, I can begin riding the Wave.  More soon…

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What’s missing in Chrome OS?

Following up on my earlier post about Chrome OS, I got to thinking.  Google has GMail for email, Talk for chat, Google Docs for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, and a slew of other cloud based apps.  But what is missing from their portfolio and therefore missing in Chrome OS?  I know we don’t know […]

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Chrome OS announced, consumers will be the winner

Making the statement that all you need to run today is now online, Google has introduced it own OS – dubbed Chrome OS and largely based around its Chrome web browser.  Its a bold statement where thick-clients are still the de-facto standard.  But it comes at a time where online applications like GMail and Google […]

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Google Gears, for offline use, rocks

There was a time when I was the first on the block to try everything new that came out.  Those times have long since past and family and other priorities have taken over.  But this weekend, I was able to try Google Gears and finally understood the value of the service.  Over the years, I’ve […]

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