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HP’s Sept VMware driver bundle may cause issues with Eumlex CNA’s

Final Update (11/1/14):  The drivers and bundle in question work with newer Flex-10 interconnect firmware.  My configuration was out of the blessed recipe of firmware and driver versions and I had problems as a result.  According to HP and independent community feedback on Twitter and by email, I can safely say that if you are running […]

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HP announces OneView integration with vCenter Server

Today at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX), HP announced vCenter Server integration for its HP OneView systems management package.  Using REST API calls to HP OneView, the vCenter plugin is now able to initiate actions in HP OneView directly from the vSphere Web Client.  HP OneView, introduced last September, is a central platform of the Converged […]

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Proliant Gen8

HP Discover: Proliant Gen8 pushes intelligence end-to-end

HP is pushing intelligence and sensors end-to-end in their newest generation of Proliant servers.  The intelligence gained from their Sea of Sensors is critical to proactively predict and reactively respond to hardware conditions and causes of these conditions.  By logging and analyzing the data from these sensors, HP is hoping to correlate events or conditions in […]

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HP C7000 Blade Chassis

HP moving from release sets to ‘Service Packs’ for BladeSystem

HP is moving away from the release sets that it introduced in 2010 to a unified Service Pack for Proliant (SPP) model for updating firmware and software on the HP BladeSystem along with all Proliant servers.  I had previously reported about the software release sets back in June of 2010. In the latest realignment, HP […]

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Cloud Services Automation

Simplifying IT support and deployments with converged systems

All IT solutions will experience problems at some point in their life.  Supporting IT solutions is difficult, time-consuming and costly, but also a fact of life – a fact as a systems administrator I am thankful for.  It means, I have a job.  Problem solving skills are absolutely necessary, but all administrators need the expert […]

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Overview and experiences with HP BladeSystem.

For anyone who found this post looking for my week two post for the Blogger Reality Show, please see the Simplifying IT support and deployments with converged systems post instead.  This post is just more or less general info about HP BladeSystem and my experiences.   I worked with HP to deploy two HP BladeSystem C7000 chassis in my […]

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Sample P4800

Scale and standardize with a converged storage solution

Simplify.  Eliminate duplication of effort.  Reduce costs.  Play to your core competencies.  Standardize.  All of these are themes I have heard in my own company as we have looked at ways to improve our IT operations.  Like many companies, we try to form a plan of where our IT operations should move, motivated by making […]

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HP adds firmware release sets for Bladesystem

HP has updated their framework for BladeSystem firmware and driver releases through a consolidated Service Pack for Proliant.  See this post for more information. HP added the idea of release sets for Bladesystem firmware starting in January.  On a conference call yesterday, we were alerted to the new release set certification process.  Previously, HP had […]

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Upgrading Virtual Connect Ethernet to VC-Ethernet Flex-10 on an HP Bladesystem

We recently made the purchase to upgrade our two blade enclosures to HP’s Flex-10 Ethernet technology and last week, with the help of a partner, we performed the install and upgrade of the Virtual Connect domain. HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 allows an administrator to take a physical 10G connection and partition it into up to […]

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Mid-plane is replaced on our blade enclosure

Last night, we undertook replacing our mid-plane in the blade enclosure that had problems last month.  It was the first recommendation from HP support after several hours of working with various teams, but both our internal team and our HP field service guys didn’t feel it was the cause.  Turns out, we may have been […]

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