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HP’s Sept VMware driver bundle may cause issues with Eumlex CNA’s

Final Update (11/1/14):  The drivers and bundle in question work with newer Flex-10 interconnect firmware.  My configuration was out of the blessed recipe of firmware and driver versions and I had problems as a result.  According to HP and independent community feedback on Twitter and by email, I can safely say that if you are running […]

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Questioning HP ConvergedSystems and their Intended Purposes

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a call announcing a new product offering from HP ConvergedSystems.  The call left me with many more questions.  The new ConvergedSystem offering is built for Microsoft Analytics software and is highly tailored to doing big data analysis. As a systems administrator, many times it is up to my group to implement […]

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HP announces OneView integration with vCenter Server

Today at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX), HP announced vCenter Server integration for its HP OneView systems management package.  Using REST API calls to HP OneView, the vCenter plugin is now able to initiate actions in HP OneView directly from the vSphere Web Client.  HP OneView, introduced last September, is a central platform of the Converged […]

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Big Data

HP shares Big Data directions

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Big Data briefing from HP Chief Technologist for Data Management, Greg Battas.  Battas is part of the newly formed Converged Systems group in HP.  He was a pioneer of Very Large Databases (VLDBs) and analytics in the telecom industry who has worked in business […]

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HP Discover 2013

HP’s Tom Joyce talks converged infrastructure and HP’s new Converged Systems Group

Like most things, IT concepts tend to be cyclical.  Many years ago, Windows and Linux on x86 hardware changed the course of purpose-built solutions, moving customers to what became industry standard servers.  Before them, customers bought proprietary hardware with proprietary storage and proprietary software. Now, the complexities of deploying industry standard servers are moving customers back to […]

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CloudSystem Service Provider AP4SaaS

CloudSystem for Service Providers provides path for cloud brokers

I’ve posted before about my impressions of CloudSystem Service Provider, but it seems I had some facts wrong about the solution.  I’ve had a lot of exposure to the core CloudSystem solution from briefings and demonstrations from HP, but whenever discussed, it seems I missed a critical fact about the Service Provider offering.  HP is […]

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VNQM VoIP Call Details, source: SolarWinds

SolarWinds launches new VOIP quality monitoring suite

On Wednesday, SolarWinds announced the VOIP and Network Quality Manager, formerly known as SolarWinds IP SLA Manage, aimed directly at quality control of Cisco IP telephony systems today with support for additional vendors in the future.  But beyond the core phone system software, the monitoring suite watches the entire VOIP environment holistically, including the transport, servers […]

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Proliant Gen8

HP Discover: Proliant Gen8 pushes intelligence end-to-end

HP is pushing intelligence and sensors end-to-end in their newest generation of Proliant servers.  The intelligence gained from their Sea of Sensors is critical to proactively predict and reactively respond to hardware conditions and causes of these conditions.  By logging and analyzing the data from these sensors, HP is hoping to correlate events or conditions in […]

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HP Discover 2012: Decrease time to value with HP AppSystem solutions

Five click and you’re in business.  That’s the value pitch for HP’s AppSystem product offerings for various database and software products I received from Martin Whittaker, Vice President of Systems and Solutions Engineering.  And given the amount of time that I’ve invested and seen my coworkers invest into bringing various solutions online, there is an […]

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HP is taking the cloud message on the road with Pathways to Cloud

HP is taking exploration of cloud on the road with the Pathways to Cloud Road Show.  The roadshow is a 14 city tour across the United States showcasing HP experts to unpack and discuss strategies to move the enterprise towards cloud technology.  It kicked off last week in Houston and Boston, will be visiting Orange […]

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