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Apple shows off preview of new Education features, Enterprise can hope…

Apple posted a new preview page for Education on its website yesterday showing off several features to help IT administrators configure and deploy iPads for education more easily.  The features included a special Classroom app, a special School Manager portal, managed Apple ID accounts and shared iPad features.  The School Manager portal and the shared […]

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How my iPhone has ruined me

Wrote this musing a little while ago – thought today was an appropriate day to post it… to celebrate the launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c. My iPhone has ruined me.  There, I said it.  Yes, that hurts coming from a fan-boy, but its true.  The iPhone has made me a creature incapable […]

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Put your iPhone into motion with Galileo, possibilites are endless

I recently stumbled across a device that I want – like “must go out and buy this today” want it.  It’s called Galileo and its a hardware accessory for Apple iOS devices which allows you to remote control an iPod Touch or iPhone from another place, with pan and tilt capabilities.  It is the perfect […]

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Decyphering Apple chat and messaging choices for Mac and iOS.

Apple has made a name for itself by inventing solutions with slick and well thought out interfaces that are easy to understand and use.  It has also made a name for itself as an innovator, creating new technology after new technology.  Most times, Apple has had a very focused strategy when it comes to solving […]

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LogMeIn Ignition

LogMeIn Ignition surprises, impresses and it’s on sale

I broke down.  I bought LogMeIn Ignition, the remote control software for iOS.  I resisted the purchase since the launch of the software in the App Store.  I simply couldn’t see spending $30 for a piece of software that I could not see translating into a touch interface.  But, this week, I found LogMeIn Ignition […]

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iChat Screen Sharing Enabled Option

Fix for greyed out ‘Ask to Share Screen’ option in iChat

I have a friend that I help with her Mac issues from time to time and I noticed a few months back when she asked for help that I could no longer ‘Ask to Share User’s Screen’ in iChat.  As far I had ever seen, there was no where in iChat to turn on or turn […]

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Spending FaceTime with clients and family

One of the more brilliant features included with the iPhone 4, and now the iPhone 4S, is something Apple calls FaceTime.  It’s a video chat service that is dead simple to setup and use.  For other iPhone users, it uses your phone number to identify you (no additional account needed) and for other Macs and […]

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What I’m passionate about: Apple, Inc.

When I first began the blog, to introduce myself and who I am to the audience, I did a series of posts about companies and products that I admired.  I started, but never completed, a post about Apple – a company that I very much admire. I found it hard to put into word why […]

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On this day, three years ago…

On this day, three years ago, I posted my first entry on Tech Talk.  At the time, the idea was to try to contribute back to a community of technical resources whose blogs had contributed so much knowledge to me.  I had found their blog posts about VMware ESX and vCenter invaluable and the information […]

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OS X Lion is download only, but what if??

Apple announced a couple weeks ago that Mac OS X Lion will only be available as a download from its Mac App Store.  So what about all the people who have slower Internet connections (DSL Lite), dial-up or, as scary as it sounds, those who don’t have Internet at all?  ComputerWorld has posted an article […]

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