HPE introduces native Docker drivers for 3PAR and StoreVirtual

The following post has been edited.  The capabilities originally reported are not in this release the Docker storage drivers and the post has been updated for accuracy.

HPE announced last week at HPE Discover that it will be shipping native Docker storage drivers for 3PAR StoreServ and StoreVirtual arrays.  This storage driver will allow for the persistent Docker images natively stored on the company’s arrays.

In the initial release, HPE is releasing a driver that can be used for Docker containers that require persistent storage – like database servers.  The persistent volume will be stored on the 3PAR or StoreVirtual arrays directly in bare metal Docker deployments.  The Docker-Integrated Volume Plugin for HPE 3PAR StoreService is available from the HPE Storage GitHub page at https://github.com/hpe-storage/python-hpedockerplugin.  According to HPE, the Plugin supports Docker Compose; Docker Swarm; application mobility across Docker Engine nodes; secured etcd clusters; and iSCSI CHAP authentication. Also supported are Docker Volume options for volume size, provisioning (thin, full, or deduplicated) and adaptive flash caching for 3PAR StoreServ. StoreVirtual supports volume size and provisioning (thin or full).

In addition to the Docker storage drivers, HPE also announced a wide-spread partnership with Docker which includes full hardware certification for HPE Servers and Docker shipping on all new HPE servers starting later in the year.  The partnership also allows HPE customers a single point-of-contact for enterprise support of the whole solution.  HPE is also working with Docker to enable monitoring for Docker environments from HPE Site Scope.

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