On this day, three years ago…

On this day, three years ago, I posted my first entry on Tech Talk.  At the time, the idea was to try to contribute back to a community of technical resources whose blogs had contributed so much knowledge to me.  I had found their blog posts about VMware ESX and vCenter invaluable and the information contained guided me along my road of implementation and kept me from making mistakes they had made.   Many times, they offered caution signs and even an occasional on-ramp or off-ramp to features I had not previously explored.

Early on, I got a taste of success (particularly for a blogger with NO following) by blogging during VMworld 2008 about the announcements being made from VMware.  It was the first time I had content picked up and linked to from others, and I’ll admit, it felt good.  To this day, my blog still gets some traffic from web searches about VMware’s Fault Tolerence feature.

Those early results did not turn into overnight success.  After VMworld 2008 and 2009, the blog has received relatively low numbers of visits, participation and readership. I allowed it to languish with only a few updates here and there.  The growth has been relatively slow, but recently doors are opening up.  Opportunities, like attending HP Discover and the Blogger Reality Contest, are allowing me to attend great networking and technical events,  to report on great new technology being introduced, and to refine my skills as a blogger.  The future for this blog is looking as bright as ever and I just wanted to to take time to thank those involved for the opportunities, support and encouragement.

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Philip is a IT solutions engineer working for AmWINS Group, Inc., an insurance brokerage firm in Charlotte, NC. With a focus on data center technologies, he has built a career helping his customers and his employers deploy better IT solutions to solve their problems. Philip holds certifications in VMware and Microsoft technologies and he is a technical jack of all trades that is passionate about IT infrastructure and all things Apple. He's a part-time blogger and author here at Techazine.com.

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  1. luigi #

    One I’ve noticed it does take time. I’ve been watching and learning the last year. They say being consistent is key. That is something I’m trying for on my own site. These events are great for fueling the conversation and to fuel our inspirations to write.

    Keep it up!

    August 8, 2011 at 10:49 pm Reply

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