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I have started my conversion to SafeCopy backup today.  In the past, I have used Mozy, but after searching online for alternatives, I found SafeCopy to be most compatible with what I wanted to protect.  SafeCopy cost me $50 a year for 200GB of storage.  You can backup from as many computers as you desire and it is only based on metered storage.  SafeCopy has an iPhone app to search for files, share them and also a web interface for searching your files and sharing them (a la DropBox or iDisk).

Mozy, as you might recall, has changed its plans to a metered plan.  My renewal with Mozy would have cost me $178 to cover what I currently have backed up (which isn’t everything I really want to backup, but most of it).  Of course, that price doesn’t cover growth.

So, in addition to savings, I think SafeCopy will provide me with the best expectations of what I can expect — and what I can control — for online backup.  I can prune my backups using their web interface, I can control what is backed up and I can anticipate additional cost more easily.  My biggest beef with Mozy was the lack of tools to control my backups once they were in the cloud.  Mozy’s iPhone app was lacking — in that if you used your own encryption key, you could not use their app.  I hope they fix that.  I liked Mozy.  My account says I was a member since March of 2007.  Sadly, they are losing me before my renwal hits my bank account in June.  I am trying to get all my backups moved over before this time so that there isn’t any time when I don’t have a good offline backup available to me.  So, here goes.  More to come.

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