Planning to update VCP for vSphere 4

Its only been a matter of weeks that I’ve gotten my VCP3.  I did it in anticpation that I’d need it to update my skills and certification for vSphere 4 and today, I found confirmation that I did the right thing.  I found a page on VMware’s site that details the upgrade path for existing VCP’s – both for VCP2’s and VCP3’s.

I had attended both of the VI3 classes and knew that the classes were a pre-requisite for the VCP certification.  And although I’d waited for too long between class and testing, I was still able to pass the exam with a little studying.  But, the same might not be true with vSphere 4 with budget constraints and considerations.  So, if I didn’t want to lose my education investment, I needed by VCP3.

The good news for existing VCP3’s is that VMware is offering the vSphere 4 exam for you until December 31 without the requirement of taking any additional classes.  For anyone who has taken the VI3 classes, you still need to attain the VCP3 first before being able to take the VCP4 test.

VMworld attendees should also note that the test is available at a discount during the conference.

For more information on specifics for your situation, take a look here on VMware’s site.

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