Anniversary passed without notice

Yesterday marked a milestone for me.  I signed on with this blog exactly one year ago yesterday, and I missed my anniversary.  It was only today that I noticed that my archives extended back to August 2008 and when I clicked in, found that my first post went live on August 4.

I still seem to be finding my voice – finding my topic – and I guess that’s part of the journey.  I have always enjoyed writing, though I’m not sure my prose is particularly interesting to read, its something I will continue to try and refine.  My first year has been marked with posts about the work I’m currently doing and new projects I’m undertaking.   I started with a focus on two core topics – VMware and Apple stuff – and I’ve kinda stuck to those.  I expanded with my personal experiences with Mac finance software and some other topics, but early on, I got a lot of hits from my VMworld posts.  I hope to do this again this year at the conference.

Anyways, bear with me as I continue to figure out how to effectively do this – as I found out what people find useful or interesting – and as I continue to share my experiences from a sys admin’s world.

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Philip is a IT solutions engineer working for AmWINS Group, Inc., an insurance brokerage firm in Charlotte, NC. With a focus on data center technologies, he has built a career helping his customers and his employers deploy better IT solutions to solve their problems. Philip holds certifications in VMware and Microsoft technologies and he is a technical jack of all trades that is passionate about IT infrastructure and all things Apple. He's a part-time blogger and author here at

3 Responses to “Anniversary passed without notice”

  1. Hey Philip,

    Happy Blogiversary! 🙂

    I’ve found your blog entries very interesting, and I never pass them up in the RSS reader.

    You should congratulate yourself. A year of writing blog entries is a big milestone. Most blogs putter out and get abandoned long before that, so you’re doing really well.

    Again, congrats, and here’s to another year of Tech Talk!

    August 5, 2009 at 4:06 pm Reply
  2. Yay Philip!!!! I came to wish you a Happy Blogiversary!

    Not because you are my co-worker(which you are), or that I stay up to date with your posts(which I do)… But because Matt told me to…

    And how can I refuse the Standalone Sysadmin?

    Keep up the good work man. You do an excellent job!

    August 12, 2009 at 1:55 pm Reply


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