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Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’ve taken the VCP test and didn’t pass.  (ok, not sure how many rungs I’ve just fallen on your ladder…  I’m sure a few).  So let me rationalize make excuses explain. I took the test last year at VMworld without studying much prior.  And, I hadn’t had any hand-on experience with ESX 3.5, which was a major problem on my part.  So, there’s my case.  If it counts, I was just two questions from passing.

Attempt number two – I’m determined to be different this time.  I’ll be retaking the test for certification on June 15 – next month – giving me a month to go over all my study materials.  I am taking the 3.5 certification exam. Yes, I’m aware vSphere has arrived.  That’s exactly why I’m taking this test.  One, I need to take it because that’s where my experience lies and two, I need to take it while its still available.

So, any tips, sources, or suggestions for study materials and resources would be greatly appreciated.  I am armed with Mike Laverik’s Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 book, my 3.0 courseware and a few study outlines from VMware.

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