Milestone – 100 posts

Yeah, so its a small milestone, but a milestone none the less.  There have been days where I wondered why I was posting anything or even had a blog, but the past month or two has been very rewarding – getting good feedback in the comments and finding that my posts are (hopefully) helpful to others and the comments have been really helpful back to me also.  So thank you everyone.  I should have something more special for my 100th episode post, but not so much.


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Philip is a IT solutions engineer working for AmWINS Group, Inc., an insurance brokerage firm in Charlotte, NC. With a focus on data center technologies, he has built a career helping his customers and his employers deploy better IT solutions to solve their problems. Philip holds certifications in VMware and Microsoft technologies and he is a technical jack of all trades that is passionate about IT infrastructure and all things Apple. He's a part-time blogger and author here at

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  1. Hey, congrats! That’s excellent. Most people start a blog and don’t keep with it. 100 posts is nothing to shrug at. Nice job! I’ve enjoyed reading them all so far 🙂

    May 9, 2009 at 10:38 am Reply

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